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The Yellow Book

From comic books to quirky, vintage postcards to Jacques Cousteau’s The Open Sea, every square inch of The Yellow Book is browse-able and affordable. But don’t be fooled by its small stature or limited hours (noon to 5 p.m. daily) — this store is much larger than just its cozy retail space in Humboldt Park. The Yellow Book is a bastion of local creativity.


Choose from an extensive collection of locally produced comic books and literary magazines, including The Yellow Book’s own publication, 1007 — so popular that the first issue sold out, production on the second is in motion and submissions for a third will be accepted in the near future.


This summer, The Yellow Book will be looking for a new location. “We will be shifting our focus from used books to printing and publishing,” says owner Celia Rosemarks, who is passionate about bringing the community together for the sake of art. The Yellow Book even has an artist in residence, Adam Tramposh. He is an illustrator and a pianist who performs under the moniker “American Landscape Painting.” Keep an eye on the store’s website for updates and events like drawing nights, readings and musical evenings with Tramposh.

— Corey O’Day


Article courtesy of The Real Chicago Magazine